Crimes Against a Child

Crimes Against a Child

I want to tell you about a little girl from Croatia who was born during the conflict that happen in dividing Yugoslavia. Growing up as a child during the terrible atrocities was a carefree little girl without much Hope  in what the future would bring and it’s problems. Then came the internal war between the Serbian and the Croatian over ethnic, religion and land which resulted in insurmountable crimes against humanity like ethic cleansing, rape of women and children, mass murder by death squads, whole villages wipe out, torture of men, women and children.

This story is about a little girl name Aleksandra who was gang raped, beaten, left to die and who is still dealing with the trauma of the experience 20 years later.  The United Nations, NATO, the court system has failed her time after time again to give her, her do justice. The compensation that she was to receive has never been delivered to her after years of fighting the court system and the UN. Her identity is keep secret do to threats, to her and her family safety and outright attends to murder her. Those who she has testify against in these war crimes have families, and friends who are seeking to hurt her and her family.

During this time she has tried to commit suicide on a number of occasions. One time she drank acid and has damaged her throat and the passages into her stomach, and breathing tubes. This woman lost her innocent as a little girl and has been trying over the last two decades to get herself right.

Resently she lost her baby due to miscarriage, also losing her stepmother, her boyfriend dumped her, she was close to living on the streets and was contemplating suicide once again.

Someone came along just in time to help her, in her time of need. Yet the need is so great,  greater then one individual doing it alone.

This gofundme is to help raise funds to help her get back into some type of normal life.

The funds are to be used to helping her with her ongoing medical problems, getting her into art school as she is a very talented artist who will be looking to repairing artifacts of a historical value. There’s living expenses while in school for 2 years, books and supplies for the digital art works training required while in school. These are just some of the items that will be purchased with the funds raised.

I met this young lady in my travels abroad and was so impressed with her big heart, her willingness to help others even in the middle of her own problems.  We stayed in contact through the Internet, hearing from her once in awhile then disaster hits her once again. I was moved to help her in what she was going through. It seems that this young lady could not get a break with all the problems she has had in the past.

This young women deserves a break in her life after all  she has gone through.

Please help me by donating to this worthy cause.  All funds raised is strictly for her recovery and to her returning to a normal life that every human being should have.

Thank you to all who are moved to helping. This means a great deal to me and I am determined in helping her achieving a normal life.

Follow this link:  Crimes Against a Child

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