Everyone has a truth even if they don’t know it. There is only two truths and no matter how many spins you put on the truth it always comes back to the basic truth. These truths are representive by many ideogolies. These ideogolies are good and evil, GOD and satan, Ying and Yang, Heaven and Hell, Positive and Negative, Peace and War, prosperity and poverity, haves and havenots, true and fails, truth and lies, Christ and Anti-christ, there are many more but you get the picture.

There is always two sides and everyone is either on one side or the other. It boils down to chose, choosing the right side or the wrong side. So how do you choose, it comes down to your programming in how you were taught to believe in one or more ideogolies.

The programming starts inside your mother’s woven where you were conceived. Once you are born the programming is escalated from your preprogram to learn as much as you can as fast as you can. Sadly that responsibility of programming you has been taken out of the hands of your parents and placed in the hands of the elites.

Why, How you ask, it has taken hundreds of years to accomplish this elite taking control of the minds of children and adults. You see, you are program at an early age and as you become an Adult you are program to recieve more programming so you really are no longer programming your children of the truths that was once know six thousand years ago.

Education was the start of it, train not to think for one’s self, but to only think and obey what you were taught and told to do. If we would only start to think we would find out the truth for ourselves.

Why you ask, to control the world population by the elites who control us by 300 families who are also controlled by 13 families of those, 3 families control everything. Who is at the top then, who else Lucifier.

End of Part 1

The Weird Gets Weirder — Christian Flat Earth Ministry.org

Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all! Just yesterday I was looking at a photo of Hurricane Matthew that hit Haiti and Cuba is now heading towards Florida. The caption said it was taken by the International Space Station (yea, sure). I thought that these hurricanes we’ve seen come from high flying planes […]

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The Way Back Machine exposes NASA + Rob Skiba’s confession — Plane Not A Planet

Excellent presentation on CGI effects used by NASA to clearly show fraud and misrepresentation. All NASA has to do is show us a live, unaltered real live picture of FULL EARTH and all Flat Earth conversation will go away…but they don’t ….because they cannot….because it is a 500 year massive lie. The Flat Earth Controversy […]

via The Way Back Machine exposes NASA + Rob Skiba’s confession — Plane Not A Planet


Published on Sep 26, 2016 THE REASON WHY I AM A FLAT-EARTHER 1-We don’t see —and nobody else does— any curvature in the “horizontal” horizon, and no one can prove it. 2-We don’t feel —and nobody else does— that the Earth moves. If the Earth spins 1,000 miles p/h, and is curling, hurling, swirling, twirling […]