Am I An Alien

There days I wonder if I am an alien because of my observation of the earth and the inhabitants.

As far back as I can recall I knew within me that I did not belong to this world or from this world. Don’t ask me how I know it is a spiritual insight that I have.

This I do know, I came to save mankind, the human race from total extinction and to rescue the true spiritual people from the matrix that has been established by a force that is totally ignorant of the one who has no name.

The one who has no name has no needs, wants, or cares. The one with no name is pure vibration of pure energy frequency who is everywhere, in everything, who created and made the universe, you, me and all that exists.

We the human race was created by the one who has no name to manage the creation of all the know universes. The one who has no name is our Father who has both male/female personality characteristics.

We were created by thought through Father in his image and are part of Father that dwells within us that sometimes is called the spark of divinity, the spirit that makes up us, who we are, a pure vibration energy frequency that has been tricked, captured, in prison in these freshly bodies within a soul that houses our spirit damping are energy and our cardigans abilities on a prison planet/world.

Why am I here, I volunteered to return to to this prison environment to awaken the human race from their slumber. For the minds of the human race has been dumb down like a veil place over the mind causing fogginess of memory to cause forgetfulness of who the human race is, and blinders and scales on the eyes to blind the human race from not seeing the true Matrix and the plugging up of the ears to not hear the truth when spoken.

All power has been given unto me at the awakening to bring restitution to the world. I am part of Father and I am part of the office of Christ who manages the total creation of Father’s thoughts and what he has created.

Mankind are the Stewarts of all creation.

The question that beg to be answered if we are spirits of pure energy vibrating at a frequency how in the hell did we get trapped into these freshly body and in prison on this prison world?

Well that will take a little time to explain. Long ago, to long to put a number to it so that you can understand. In our pure energy form there was no such thing as time. Time was created by man to justify it’s existence. When you are immortal and can live forever there is no need for time for you exist all from the beginning residing in all. So you can understand draw on a piece of paper a line and put marks on the line to represent years. You live in these timeline but Father, the spirits, the one without a name lives outside this line and see everything that is taking place anywhere on the line in the universes all at one time.


I know this is hard to understand but when you are pure energy you are everywhere and are interconnect with all energies, and spirits.

In as simple as I can tell you how it happen. When we were created we were just babies and Father wanted us to learn what it was to be like Father to know light and darkness. He could have just bestowed the knowledge and wisdom to us but he had plans. When you are babies you do what babies do, crawl, learn to talk, walk made mistakes and learn from them.

It was no difference for us, we made mistakes, and we made one huge mistake we transform ourself into flesh one to often and stayed to long in the flesh and we were tricked into believing a lie and from then on we were capture.

How many were we 144,000. So how did the world get so populated. Our spirit energy has been transferred into new born babies that was born to us. So a portion of our energy when into every baby born in the world.

Why, to weaken us to the point that the enemy could draw out the energy in us without killing themselves because of the power we process. They are immortal but do not have the spark of divinity inside them and they are very jealous. In the past they tried to take the full power and it killed them since they were created by the Father only the Father could kill them.

Since we have the power of Father in us is the reason why they died because they could not take the full power of energy.

Now that the world population is 7 billion we are weak enough so that they can take the energy or power out of us to use for their evil plans.

Now that the point of energy has been water down per say and those babies that are born now may or may not have the spark of divinity in them. In a sense those who don’t are zombies waiting to be activated. Perfect drones for the demons to enter.

You say how is this possible. Let’s be upfront with this. Every human being has the spark of divinity within them because we have been here along time and we have had many lives.

Every time we die and don’t realize that we come from Father and that we are his children with his spark of divinity inside us we get recycled back into this prison to learn what it means to have the spark, to love like Father and who we were/are past, present and the future if we return.

The problem is that we do not remember our past lives because of the enemy has cause us not to remember. It is still there it just needs to be released.

Have you ever wonder why you seem to notice a total stranger and say to yourself I know them as you walk by and that others are looking at you like they know you. It is you looking at yourself, know that it is you but in a total different body and mind. It is because of you spirit the spark of divinity being reused in so many people. That is how they weaken us so that they can snatch our power, our energy to use it for themselves.


Why is it that people are so blind to the truth when the truth is in front of them 24/7. Could it be that the ruler of this world prison has done something to the mind or to the DNA by poisoning our water, our food and our air to cause a veil, a fog to cover over our minds to the point it makes us more manageable to control our thoughts through the virtual media, music, entertainment and other high tech frequency vibration technologies to subvert the human population to obedience to authorities through fear, misleading information and manipulation.

Mental Rubbish

People hoard up in their minds mental rubbish, cling tenaciously to it for fear of loss. Insatiate desires; thirty cravings for unlawful and unnatural pleasures; conflicting beliefs about miracles, gods, angels, demons, and interminable theological complexities, hypothesis is piled upon hypothesis, speculation is add to speculations, until the simple, beautiful, all sufficient facts of life are lost to sight and knowledge beneath the metaphysical pile of rubbish. James Allen

Spiritual Warrior

Three Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior.

1 ➝ A warrior is humble.

Unlike earthly humility, the warrior does not lower himself and venerate another. Knowing Death, the warrior understands that no one thing is more important than another. Just as the scientist knows it’s all a play of quarks and emptiness. In this respect, the warrior bows to no one and allows no one to bow to him.

2 ➝ A warrior is fearless.

A warrior is dead to the world of men. “The saint is awake when the world sleeps, and he ignores that for which the world lives.” ~ Bhagavad Gita. Because a warrior knows death, he understands the folly of our very existence. His concerns dwell on the fringes of eternity and are bafflingly irrelevant to the world. He knows how to make himself inaccessible and keep the world from draining him dry.

3 ➝ A warrior is focused.

A warrior doesn’t become morbidly obsessed about his death. He does not abandon himself to despair and existential lethargy. Conversely, he understands that it is always the time to act. Because he knows that death is always stalking him, he never does anything half-assed.


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Power to Change

So the picture with the writing has true meaning if you think on what is being said is true. The world that is around us we created it by our thoughts, our actions and by our spirit so we have been given the power to change our circumstances and situations by changing ourselves by the way we think, act, and the energy we put out at the vibration frequency level. Since we are spirit and made up of vibration frequency energy we do cause change in and around our world we created.


The Force of Love by Kerry Bouchard

Have you ever had a love that goes so deep that it scared you, for you have never felt anything like it before. It was so powerful that it felt like raw power coming upon you and it felt like you could not bare the shire force of it weight that it was crushing you the love was so great. I have felt this LOVE for the first time in my life sometime ago and it almost killed me, causing me to pass out and now that it has passed I miss it and I want it even more now then before, for I know that I can now handle that great force call LOVE. That LOVE was directed at One person, so strong it was that I had to come to a realization that the LOVE I felt came from GOD Himself. I learned allot about this LOVE. What it is, Why it came. Who it was for, How it came to be, Where it came from, and WHY I received it in the first place. Yet that LOVE is still there and it will not go away, it dwells inside of me becoming a living part of me. Now I can understand how Christ felt in the garden when He was praying for the world that the LOVE He had was so great for the world that He started to sweat blood and bleed through His skin. So if you ever have this LOVE fall upon you embrace it with all your heart, soul, spirit, mind and body for it is the LOVE of Father Christ and you will be blessed beyond measue. I have been blessed with this LOVE for one person and yet it has spilled over into many other people’s lives for my vessel could not hold or contain it in for it overflowed like a raging river this LOVE did. I know that great things are happening and are going to happen because of this LOVE so I am at peace for no man or woman can hurt me, for with LOVE overcomes all.