Some of you are wondering why I don’t write often. I only write when I am moved to do so. I could be like other bloggers have something to say everyday or every few hours but that is just unrealistic. Who has hours to just sit around and read or write blogs all day. I do videos and blogs when move to get a message out.

Here is a place to blog and chat if you are interested in going further down the rabbit hole after taking the red pill.

Pouring My Heart Out

I could pour out my life story but who would hear, who would see the hardship and struggles I have had.

I, in the admits of my own struggle I try to help others in their struggles in life. I thought by doing so I would forget my own struggles for a time and do good to others who needed more help then I did.

I was wrong, in my efforts to help those who are in need more then myself, I cause myself to be in greater need by increasing those needs.

I have tried to help a young lady with her battle to survive in a world that no longer cares about individuals but more about a group of people.

We can only help one person at a time, to help them to help themselves by giving them the means to help themselves.

This is what I have tried to do but failed because of lack of funds to carry through to the end.

Now a young woman will be forced to live on the streets in total destitution in a country that is more wealthy then all it’s neighbouring country around them.

So I leave this here as a Testament to this world and a charge of not being human to their fellow human beings.

This world is not what it should be and it was never to be what it is today.