Looking In Mirror

Have you looked in the mirror to see you reflection. That reflection is the reverse image of yourself.

Think about this, a reverse image of yourself. What does that mean? I would surmise that would also included who you are as a person. If you are a loving, kind, giving, happy person the reverse would be a hateful, unkind, mean, jealous, angry person.

The saying so above so below, so below so above is the reflection of this reality we live in. Our present day reality is a fake reality, a poor copy of the real reality that is above.

It is a hard thing to understand that we live in a corrupt world that is the reverse image of a Heavenly place. For everything that is on this plain of existence is corrupted and is not real. It may seem real and the conscious mind may perceive it as real but in true reality it is a fake as you and I are.

This matrix is a prison world created by entities that are not of this realm. They created this realm and the matrix to hold the spirit of human being. Why did they do this. One reason is that these entities are not able to be creative in the spiritual realm as humans can be, so they can only imitate what they have seen and comprehend. They have no spirit within themselves and are very jealous of our abilities to manifest and create our reality.

So the question remains how did we get to be imprison?

I believe without any proof of this that long ago about 450,000 earth years our world was not in it present orbit of the sun. This earth was much larger, three times what it is today and it circled Saturn as our sun. We had no night time as we had Saturn and the Sun giving us light. As well our planet had 7 layers or level of atmosphere protecting us from the cosmic radiation that bombard our world. At that time Saturn did not have rings around it.

The Earth was a hub of an interstellar library that held the vast knowledge of all creation in the known universes which made the Earth the Center of the universes.

A war broke out in the realms of the universes as to who would take control of this knowledge. The earth at that time was attacked and hit by a planetary body that was controlled by the enemy causing the the earth to shatter, break a part and was sent into an orbit closer to the our present day sun. Those piece that were large enough reformatted into our present world. As the enemy took control of this world and created this world in the image of what they saw in Heaven. All life or nature on this world was the housing of the knowledge of the universes. Man at that time was only at the stage of evolution of becoming aware of it’s self.

The enemy in it ignores was unable to tap into the energy field of this world to gain the knowledge that it held. They sought to find away to do this by having man genetically engineered to house their Essenes so that they could get the information from the planet.

When they did the genetic engineering by adding their DNA to man they found that man was unable to get the information from the library. They came up with a way to infused the energy of the planet into the genetically altered man. They did not realized that they were infusing the spirit of Mother Earth into man creating human beings for hu – means light and man means earth. So in the end they created a superior being greater then themselves and became jealous of their abilities to manifest and create their own reality.

They were so jealous that they took the humans being and split the DNA into two one male, one female trying to get the energy or spirit from man. This failed and they were left with two human beings one male and female without having the spirit.

Every time the enemy tried to take the energy or spirit from man they died, because of the huge amount of electric magnetic energy force that was in man.

They sought to find away to decrease the power inside man. First they split the DNA in two one male one female and that failed. As both still had the power within themselves. Then they came up with the splitting of man spirit and placing them into many human beings weakening the human being ability to create different realities.

Today we live in a world that quite different then it was thousands of years ago. We are at the tipping point of man existence where we will no longer be human beings. The enemy has succeeded by creating billions of human beings to the point where the human energy is so weak that they can take control of the human race and the power within.

Mankind has forgotten who they are and for thousands of years the enemy has cause all of us to have anemia every time we are recycled back into this prison world. We grow weaker every time this happens.

Since that Great War in the heaven thousands of years ago a war has been slowly building to take back the earth and to free mankind from the enemy. Agents of the rescue force has and had been send to earth to awaken mankind. You can call them Angels or alien beings but they are here to help awaken the masses to the true reality of this world and who they are.

These beings are spiritual in nature existing in human form and have lived with human kind for thousands of years. Their message to mankind is that the Kingdom of Heaven is within mankind and that the spirit that is in you is from the ALL, the one without a name who has no need for a name but is Father to all of creation. These spiritual being have come to awaken man to the truth and that truth will set man free from this matrix prison.

James The Brother of Christ

1. Go on you rich ones, weep and howl for the hard times that shall come upon you. 2. Your wealth and riches will rot and your fine clothing will be eaten by moths. 3. Your gold and your silver corrodes and their rust will be a testimony against you and you like a fire eating your flesh because you hoarded it for the last days. 4. Understand that the wages of your workers that you have held back by fraud are crying out to the Master and have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. 5. You have lived in luxury by squandering the resources of the earth, you have gorged yourselves like a victorious army in the day of battle. 6. You convict and murder the just, even when they are not resisting you.

The Book of James is about encouragement and how to walk in Christ and to be Christ. As you see the day approaching take heart for Master is close at hand and will reward all those of who walk in the Way the Master has taught and shown us how to be like Christ. In James the first book written for the New Testament is a witness to the truth that is within each one of us. To understand and relate this truth in our daily walk is to reminds us that we are Christ and are to reflect this in our daily activities.

7. Be patient brothers and sisters, the presence of the Master is at hand. Understand the farmer is waiting for the precious fruit of the land and is patiently awaiting the early and latter rain. 8. Be patient and establish your hearts for the presence of the Master has drawn near. 9. Don’t be groaning against one another brothers and sisters, issue no condemnation, for the true Judge stands at the door. 10. Understand the example of the prophets, who spoke in the name of the Master for a guide on how to handle affliction with patience. 11. Count those that endure as blessed. You remember the patient endurance of Job, and have seen how merciful and compassionate the Lord is. 12. Above all things brothers and sisters, do not be swearing, neither by heaven nor by the land nor by any other oath. Let your yes be yes and your no be no so you do not fall under judgment. 13. Is any among you suffering ill? Let him offer prayers. Is anyone cheerful? Let him be playing music. 14. Are any among you sick? Let him call the mature ones of the church and let them pray for them, rubbing them with olive oil in the name of the master. 15. And the vow of belief will save the faltering and rouse him up. And if he has missed the mark it will be forgiven him. 16. Confess your offenses one to another, and be wishing healing for one another for this is very powerful. 17. Elijah was just as human as we are, and dealt with the same emotions we do. Yet he prayed that it would not rain and no rain fell on the land for three and one half years. 18. Then he prayed again and the rain fell and things started growing again. 19. Brothers and sisters, if any of you are ever led astray from the truth and someone helps turn that person back to the right way again 20. know that the one turning them back from their deception saves their soul from death and covers a multitude of sins.