Be it told that a fungus will grow slowly or fast if it is feed the right food, the right amount of moisture, darkness, and light.

The same goes for knowledge, with the right information being revealed knowledge grows, awareness is born, understanding takes hold, the awakening of the mind happens and the world around you changes with the change in perspective of your mind so does the world change.

As the world change so does the reality of what, who, where, why, when and how we came to be in this prison world called earth. The truth of what we are, who we are, where we came from, why we are here, when it happen and how it all happen become clear to us as our reality of this world is being destroyed by the knowledge that is growing within us.

This awakening to the knowledge of the ALL which is you the total sum of the ALL that is in you changes and uplifts you to a higher plane of existence in the spiritual realm of creation setting you free from this third dimension of materialism that has trapped the spiritual you into a physical world of illusions of the world, the body and the soul.

You only grow in so much of the knowledge gain and to the understanding of the knowledge that you are willing to receive. “My people parish for lack of knowledge”. For with knowledge comes Wisdom, insight and experiences to change who your are, what your are, what you will be, where you are going, and how all is ALL.

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