The True Translation of The Book of John

For these past weeks I have been re-translating the Book Of John from the New Testament in the Greek to English and can tell you without a doubt that they chanced the meanings of the Book of John.

It is a shock to read the true meaning of the words of John and Christ and what he was trying to communicate to the people of the times as well to those of the future generation who would unravel the truth in the message Christ left.

In the coming weeks I will be placing the translations here with all the meanings of the words from Greek to English so you to can come to the understanding of the truth.

When I started translating the words I notice that they did not have any resemblance to the translation we find in the New Testament of today. Words take out, words added or the word chanced so the meaning of the word and the sentence was totally different then the Greek version.

These translations are only the words of Christ and his teachings. I am sure if I translated all the words in the Book of John I would find the same things, words chanced, meaning of the words and the sentences.

People have total me it was done so people could understand in today’s language what was being said and I say bullshit. If you would take the time to read it and think through the words meaning and purpose then you get an understanding of what John was talking about Christ’s words and what Christ was communicating to the people as well as to us in these end days.

As I walk down this path I am finding more proof that the Bible is made up of lies mixed in with the truths and the truth mixed in with the lies and the true story of the creation of the words of a god.

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