Hi, it’s KERRY The TruthSeeker coming to you from THE ONE WITH NO NAME the creator.

What I want to share today is about


From the bible in the New Testament

Heb 13:17 says Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.

This is very interesting if you will look at it that the god of this world is in charge of everything then the question is why do the leaders have to keep watch over your soul? Don’t forget that this is a prison world and alway has been since the enemy captured the earth. The body our body is the cage and the soul is the chains that hold our spirit in this world.

Remember they have to tell you the truth but it is mixed in with the lie. If you understand who you are, what this place is, and who the Father is, his attributes and character then you will be able to see the lies and the truths within the scriptures and in all things in this world of illusion.

Let me explain what Heb 13:17 means:

The god of this world has given charge to the leaders of this world to keep an eye or watch over us to ensure that we the prisoners behave ourselves and to not find out the truth who we are and who they really are.

You see they are in charge but they have to give an account or report to their master on what has been achieved and on the disposition of the prisoners of this prison world. They also have to tell the prisoners the truth but how they do is left up to them because they have to give an account to their master who has to give account to the Ruler. So they tell the prisoners the truth mixed in with the lie and the GREAT deception.

The question is raised as to who is their master and who does the master report to? This I can tell you but you would not believe so I leave it up to you to find this truth and it is out

there for they have to tell you the truth.

Do you not understand that the Christ The anointed came to inform and lead us out of this prison and the chains that hold us here on earth. The prison is the world, the cage is the freshly bodies we inhabit and the chains is the soul that houses our spirit which causes us to not remember who we are.

Understand this that the Christ the anointed one came to reveal the truth that would set us free from this prison. How can this been done? The most simples way which many of the Christian faith will say that this is wrong but it is plainly stated in the New Testament by the Christ the anointed one himself.

They have no course but to lie to themselves to keep their faith or this would cause a rebellion against today’s churches’ ideology, doctrine, and theology teachings.

Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God has come and is within you. Christ also stated that the Father is in him (Christ) and that he (Christ) was in the Father and that they both are inside us. So the Kingdom of Heaven has come and is in you as well as Christ/Father is in you making you Christ. As Christ is in you and you are in Christ does not that

make you Christ? Christ is an office of authority, an organization that is governed by God but is run by The First One, the first Human, the first son of the One With No Name the ALL.

The meaning of Christ is the anointed. This anointed is the Spirit of the One with No Name the Creator Of ALL who has anointed each and every human being on the earth and yet there are some who are not anointed and are not from the One With No Name. These are the ones who are controlling this world system. The keepers of this prison the governments and leaders.

If we are Christ in Christ the anointed then we are a part of this organization and each one of us has an office within the organization. We have a job and that job is different then the next person (Spirit) but we are still part of the organization that is call Christ. So in fact we are Christ in the Spirit and as well as the office of authority to do what Father has directed us to do. Father created the Christ as an organization to look after his creation. To administer each part of that creation. You are part of this anointing. To be part of this anointing we are to become like the son and the Father who are the total sum of LOVE.

LOVE is who Father is and the Son shows how LOVE works. For without love nothing would exist. To be part of LOVE we must learn what LOVE is, how LOVE works, how we fit into LOVE, and how we are LOVE. For without LOVE we are nothing. We are created in the image of the Creator, so we are all part of the Creator. How does a baby learn? from trial and error that comes with the experiences of the baby existence. We to are babies who are gaining experiences in this existence in trials, errors and failures as well as triumph. The more that we are open to the experiences we learn what LOVE is and the more we learn what doesn’t works. The errors of missing the mark. Sin is the errors of missing the mark. What is the mark?

The mark is LOVE. What is LOVE? That is why we exist to learn what LOVE is. LOVE can not be explained in words but only in thought and action for there are no words that can do justice to the meaning or character or description of LOVE for no one know the Father’s love but the son, and the son shows that love through thoughts and actions. The best we can do in words to describe LOVE was given to us in the New Testament in 1st Corinthian 13 the love chapter and yet even this falls measurably short of what LOVE is. This is what is said about love with more added to try to clarify the mean of LOVE.

For love suffer long, love is kindness, love is not envious, love does not puff up itself, love does not have pride, love is not rude, love is not selfish, love loves, love is not resentful, love is not sin, love does not murder, love does not steal, love is not jealous, love does not hate, love speaks truth, love does not think evil, love is patience, love does not brag, love is not proud, love does not seek it’s way, love forgives always, love does not provoke, love does not take account of evil, love bears all things, love believes all things, love hopes in all things, loves endures all things, love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, love rejoice with truth, love loves unconditionally, these are the attributes and characters of our Father in Heaven which is in you without the total sum of the meaning of LOVE.

So it is true The Kingdom of Heaven has come and it is in you.

As LOVE is not complete until we return to our are Father. Then we will be completely in LOVE. It is time to grow up and be the sons and daughters of LOVE our Father the creator the One Who Has No Name, the ALL.

For we were created in love for love to become love and to create love. We have become the creators. Since our creation we have always been creators. We create today, every day and tomorrow the future with our thought just as our Father does but without the understanding what LOVE is. Do under to others as you would have them do under you. To be able to LOVE you much first love yourself.

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