There days I wonder if I am an alien because of my observation of the earth and the inhabitants.
As far back as I can recall I knew within me that I did not belong to this world or from this world. Don’t ask me how I know it is a spiritual insight that I have.

This I do know, I came to save mankind, the human race from total extinction and to rescue the true spiritual people from the matrix that has been established by a force that is totally ignorant of the one who has no name.

The one who has no name has no needs, wants, or cares. The one with no name is pure vibration of pure energy frequency who is everywhere, in everything, who created and made the universe, you, me and all that exists.

We the human race was created by the one who has no name to manage the creation of all the know universes. The one who has no name is our Father who has both male/female personality characteristics.

We were created by thought through Father in his image and are part of Father that dwells within us that sometimes is called the spark of divinity, the spirit that makes up us, who we are, a pure vibration energy frequency that has been tricked, captured, in prison in these freshly bodies within a soul that houses our spirit that is damping are energy and our cardigans abilities on a prison planet/world.

Why am I here, I volunteered to return to to this prison environment to awaken the human race from their slumber. For the minds of the human race has been dumb down like a veil place over the mind causing fogginess of memory to cause forgetfulness of who the human race is, and blinders and scales on the eyes to blind the human race from not seeing the true Matrix and the plugging up of the ears to not hear the truth when spoken.

All power has been given unto me at the awakening to bring restitution to the world. I am part of Father and I am part of the office of Christ who manages the total creation of Father’s thoughts and what he has created.

Mankind are the Stewarts of all creation.
The question that beg to be answered if we are spirits of pure energy vibrating at a frequency how in the hell did we get trapped into these freshly body and in prison on this prison world?

Well that will take a little time to explain. Long ago, to long to put a number to it so that you can understand. In our pure energy form there was no such thing as time. Time was created by man to justify it’s existence. When you are immortal and can live forever there is no need for time for you exist all from the beginning residing in all. So you can understand draw on a piece of paper a line and put marks on the line to represent years. You live in these timeline but Father, the spirits, the one without a name lives outside this line and see everything that is taking place anywhere on the line in the universes all at one time.


I know this is hard to understand but when you are pure energy you are everywhere and are interconnect with all energies, and spirits.

In as simple as I can tell you how it happen. When we were created we were just babies and Father wanted us to learn what it was to be like Father to know light and darkness. He could have just bestowed the knowledge and wisdom to us but he had plans. When you are babies you do what babies do, crawl, learn to talk, walk made mistakes and learn from them.

It was no difference for us, we made mistakes, and we made one huge mistake we transform ourself into flesh once to often and stayed to long in the flesh and we were tricked into believing a lie and from then on we were capture.

How many were we, 144,000. So how did the world get so populated. Our spirit energy has been transferred into new born babies that was born to us. So a portion of our spiritual energy when into every baby born in the world.
Why, to weaken us to the point that the enemy could draw out the energy in us without killing themselves because of the power we process. They are immortal but do not have the spark of divinity inside them and they are very jealous of us. In the past they tried to take the full power and it killed them since they were created by the Father only the Father could kill them. Since we have the power of Father in us is the reason why they died because they could not take the full power of energy.

Now that the world population is 7 billion we are weak enough so that they can take the energy or power out of us to use for their evil plans.

Now that the point of energy has been water down per say and those babies that are born now may or may not have the spark of divinity in them. In a sense those who don’t are zombies waiting to be activated. Perfect drones for the demons to enter.

You say how is this possible. Let’s be upfront with this. Every human being has the spark of divinity within them because we have been here along time and we have had many lives.

Every time we die and don’t realize that we come from Father and that we are his children with his spark of divinity inside us we get recycled back into this prison to learn what it means to have the spark, to love like Father and who we were/are past, present and the future if we return.

The problem is that we do not remember our past lives because of the enemy has cause us not to remember. It is still there it just needs to be released.
Have you ever wonder why you seem to notice a total stranger and say to yourself I know them as you walk by and that others are looking at you like they know you. It is you looking at yourself, know that it is you but in a total different body and mind. It is because of your spirit the spark of divinity being reused in so many people. That is how they weaken us so that they can snatch our power, our energy to use it for themselves.


    What I am about to say is going to rub allot of people the wrong way and I don’t really care. Political correctness is out, being polite in telling the truth is in. When it comes to the truth, the truth is the truth. 

    The situations that are taking place in the world from floodings, earthquakes, fires, mega storms, heat waves, starvation, meteor showers, wars, rumours of wars, the die off of animals and fish, gay marriages, the transgender movement, the attacks on Christian values, the tearing down of our societies, the murder of unborn babies, the far left neonazi views, ISIS, to the coming nuclear event, to the collapse of the world monetary system, to the mass murder of 10s of thousands of Fundamental and Evangelical Christians happening in the world today is the signs of the ends of days which is now upon us. This has all been planned in advance. 

    Fundamental and Evangelical Christians should know that Christ has already return in fact he never left. He is in everyone of us. For Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and that the Father is in Christ and Christ is in the Father and so are they in you making you Christ a part of the body of Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven has come and is within you.

    When the new world order government (the 4th Reich) comes in after the Meteor Astroid hits the Atlantic Ocean and the nuclear strike on the United States at the same time will destroy the United States which will bring in the collapse of the monetary system there will be chaos and massive death, the loss of life in the millions.

    Everyone should be leaving the coastal cities and majors cities right now to avoid the super tsunami, the massive 20 magnitude earthquakes, the super volcanoes that will erupt, they should have emergency supplies to last them 3.5 years for their families. Best place to go is Canada, Alberta or BC, Northern Ontario and Quebec away from major cities. Shelters are being setup by Believers ahead of time in secret locations by Believers for the survivors and no these are not death camps. 

    As Christians and followers of The Way we can not stop what is coming, we must prepare to help as many people and those who come to hear the truth to survive. Do not get a chip (RFID) implanted in either your hands or forehead. These nano chips (RFID) are already available to go and many are already taking the mark. The other mark is the mark of money. Remember the right hand and the forehead it is talking about money, your right hand takes money and your mind is always thinking about how to get money or want money.

    Those who want to be saved there is only one way to be saved and that is to except that Christ is within you as your Lord and Saviour and that You and Christ are one, the Sons and Daugthers of God our Father and turn to Christ’s teachings in obedience . 

    So many people in the world both the Catholic and Christian communities as well as other religions are saying there is another way to get to Heaven. Sorry there is only one way. The Bible which is God’s word mixed within the lies of the god of this world. He The Word Of God says those who worship and believe in other Gods like, Islam, Buddha, Bali Worshipers, New Age, the Unity Church, Kermit the Frog, witchcraft, satan worship, reincarnation, Fushsia, Christianity, money, the world system, scientism are just a few that I can name will perish under the judgement of Christ which you have inside you, so you judge yourselves for you have Christ in you and are the sons and daugthers of God the Father.

    The talk of peace and living together under one religion, one government, one monetary system and also the hope that is placed in these aliens that are coming to earth to save us, is an out right lie for they are the fallen ones, the angels who disobeyed GOD. 

    Death will come to the true followers of Christ, even to Fundamental, Evangelical Christians, Muslims and to the followers of the truth(The Way) will be an hinderance to their plans and the only way for their plans to work and happen is to kill every Christ follower, Evangelical, Fundamental Christians and Muslims.

    It is going to be just like the French Revolution, The Communist Revolution and what the NAZI’s did but 1000 times worse. Interment and Extermination Camps, massive train cars for transporting the victims, roaming execution truck with guillotines are being setup as I type this to deal with problems in all the States and Canada as well as in the rest of the world to those who are not loyal to the new world order programs. 

    There will be civil war, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Ohio, and other States will put up a fight of what is left of the United States.

    If you are going to argue with me, why don’t you do some research and proof to yourself and to me that what I say is wrong. The proof is all on the web, not in the fake news outlets like CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CBC, Global News, CTV, newspapers, and many more fake news outlets thro they do say the truth mixed within a lie. The truth is discussed in great depth and in detail on YouTube, INFOWARS, and other alternative news sources telling you the truth. There is proof out there if you are willing to look for it. 

    So that there will be no misunderstanding I am a follower of Christ, not Jesus or Yeshua or Isu but the Christ that is in you, and there is no other way to get to Heaven except through Christ who is in you by except him as Saviour, the son of God(the one with no name) and being obedient to his teachings. I am ready to die because I know were My spirit is going do you? Being said I will not fight or stop the murder or murders who will kill me. As Christ did not say a word or take action when He was lead away to be killed, so to will I say nothing, except you must believe in Christ and Father who is in you that you are the sons and daughters of the most high to be saved from what will befall the earth.

    Time is short. Time to choose. Before the ends of days really start. This a call to people to repent and seek Christ inside you.


    For some reason the Gospel of Christ has become so populated, complicated and just plain difficult to understand the teachings. There are so many different interpretation of the Gospel and misleading of the truth.

    Everyone thinks that they have the truths. This is why there are so many different Christian sects or denominations, churches who have come together to organize themselves into organizations that have similar belief system which enabling them to spread their truth of the Gospel through their teachings to the world.

    The teachings of Christ is not hard to understand if you truly are seeking the truth of the Gospel. You just have to ask our Heavenly Father to reveal these truths. Father Christ will send you the spirit of wisdom which is your mother and she will guide you into all truth.

    If you would just think for yourself, you would realize that how could 2.3 billion Christians in the world can be going to heaven. Did not Christ say that the way to the truth was a narrow path and that many are called but only a few find the path and of those who found the path only a few are chosen. How can all the Christians in the world be saved. Christ in his own words tell you how you can save yourself. There must be something in todays churches that they are missing if only a few find the narrow path and of these only a few are chosen.
    Let’s look at this as a parable. Let’s assume that what is being taught in the Christian churches today is an out right lie, well not a total lie but the truth is mixed into the lie so that the message of the Gospel is not being preached.

    So there’s a few within the churches that doesn’t buy into or believe in the teachings and beliefs that is being preached in the church. They search the scriptures and find what is being taught is wrong and an out and out lie mixed within the truth. They bring their concerns to their leaders within the church and the leaders give them half the truth. They go away still not convinced and continues their search. They once again bring their concerns with proof in scripture to the leaders of the church and they are ostracized. They leave the church, they can’t seem to find a church that is preaching, teaching the truths of the Gospel. So out of the 2.3 billion Christians in the world only 0.01 percent of them have found the truth which is the narrow path.

    So they get on the narrow path but they find that the path is so narrow that only one person can travel it. It is so narrow that it is easy to fall off on to other paths that lead back to a large path which lead to an even larger path until you are once again back into the world system and are lost for ever. For once you have learn the truth and have forsaken it how can you return to the narrow path.

    This narrow path has thorn bushes, thistles, twists and turns, bumps, holes, steep inclines, cliff hangers, rocks, boulders and many other obstacles blocking the narrow path on the routine you are following. These obstacles that are blocking the path is your cross, the cross that you have to pickup everyday, which are the things that you must die to everyday in this world. They maybe money, a job, a career, school, education, sports, watching TV, movies, women, men, pornography, cars, house, land, family, wife, children, grandchildren, cottage, vacation, savings, retirement, entertainment, yourself, ego, meme, emotions, fear, being afraid, lust, greed, envy, jealousy, hatred, manipulation, materialism, worshiping false gods, friendships, having fun, preoccupied with life and the world, deep desires, sexual pleasures, pleasing the flesh, your thoughts. At any given time you are battling these things that are blocking your way on the narrow path of truth. Anyone of these can knock you off the path on to a larger path that brings you to the path that leads you back into the world system.

    You realize you are not the only one on the narrow path, the problem is your cross and those who are in front of you on that narrow path. Some will be slower then you, others faster then you, and some that are dead stop in their tracks because of the truths that have been revealed to them. Some of them will turn back, some will jump off the path on to the larger path and return to the system because the truth is to must, others who have stopped are trying to understand what has been revealed and to come to a decision whether to go on or to jump of the path because of their burden of the cross is to much or the truth is to much to bear. Those who choose to move forward are those who are chosen. Their troubles of this world and the things of this world or desire of the world system is no longer a part of them for they have died completely to it all. All they seek is the truth and to becoming Christ in obedience to Father’s will for them.

    Many people out there are saying that they have the way, the truth, and the life. Like the Hebrew Root movement, the flat earthers movement, and many others. All these are here to distract those who are seeking the truth. But true truth seeker will continue on searching once they have had time to digest and understand these distractions by asking Father in heaven to guide them through all these distractions as these distractions do have pieces of the truth but they have been placed in your path to sideline you from what truly matters in life. It does not matter if you are a believer of the flat earth, sphere, concave movement, Hebrew Roots movement, the way movement, or any other movement. If it takes you away from the truth of the Gospel you have fallen off the narrow path.
    All these distractions that are taking you away from the truth doesn’t mean a hill of beans when it comes to the truth of the Gospel which is the teachings of Christ. Christ explained that we live in a prison world system and to be free from this prison we must die to this world and to it’s system that controls us which is your cross that you carry.
    This is what Christ meant and means by carry your cross by dying to yourself every waking moment. Capturing every thought that come into your mind, every desire, want, pleasure, to bring them under control and forsaking them for a higher purpose. That purpose is to be set free from this prison world by becoming Christ through LOVE. Christ said that his burden is light but few are willing to take the offer of carrying their own cross to set themselves free from this prison.

    Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, in us. Christ also said that the Father is in Him and that He is in the Father and that He and the Father is in you, us. By stating this Christ has said that we are Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Our spirit that is within you, us is part of the Father, part of Christ, part of the Kingdom of Heaven. So it is correct to say that Christ, Father, Heaven is within each one of us making us Christ. Christ say that the way, the truth and the life is through Christ. Why did Christ say this? Christ wanted everyone to know that LOVE is the key to staying on the narrow path. By loving everyone, you do not have the things of the world system controlling you. For love suffer long, love is kindness, love is not envious, love does not puff up itself, love does not have pride, love is not rude, love is not selfish, love loves, love is not resentful, love is not sin, love does not murder, love does not steal, love is not jealous, love does not hate, love speaks truth, love does not think evil, love is patience, love does not brag, love is not proud, love does not seek it’s way, love forgives always, love does not provoke, love does not take account of evil, love bears all things, love believes all things, love hopes in all things, loves endures all things, love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, love rejoice with truth, love loves unconditionally, these are the attributes and characters of our Father in Heaven which is in you. So it is true The Kingdom of Heaven has come and it is in you.

    When you cooperate with the world system you are giving in, surrendering to the enemy. That enemy is satan, the one who called himself god is also know by many names as you will find out in your journey down the narrow path. He controls and rules this world. This prison world where your life giving energy is being suck out of you.

    The one who controls all creation is Father of All, Sovereign One, the one who has no name. The living energy of all creation. God is a name so who is god? Satan is.

    There was so much truths out there which has been lost over the eons but those truths are being found and some of the truths are found within the Bible and not just in the bible but in other sources. When you start your searching for the truth what you will find will destroy what you believe in and your beliefs system to the point that you will feel dead, lost, helpless, without meaning wanting to do nothing. There will be pain, anguish and sorrow over this. What you will find is that you have been lied to all your life. This is the great awaking of your soul, spirit to the truth of who you are and what the world is, a prison and our body the flesh we live in is a cage that house the soul which holds our spirit. Once you/us realize that we are the children of the Father of All and that our existence is not flesh but spirit which is energy frequency then we are set free from the lies and this prison.

    Once you start down this path and you find the truth there is no going back. If you turn back there is only death awaiting you and you will be recycle back into this prison world until you understand and come to the realization who you are and where you come from.

    So what is the Simplicity of The Gospel of Christ? Have you not understand, it boils down to this, it is LOVE. Christ is love, Father is love, Heaven is love. Everything that happens in life in one form or other is to show, lead, guide you to what love it, can be, should be, and what it means to love so you can become love.

    A thought came to mind what about all the evil things that happen to people and to the world? Well all these things that happen which is evil is an opportunity to learn about love, to show love, to reflect love to those who have been given evil whether it is you or someone else receiving the evil which if you spell evil backwards it spells live. To live in this evil world is to learn how to love which is overcoming all that is living in this world is.
    What can be more simply then to love. To love yourself first, second to love your fellow human being as yourself for if you love yourself how can you do evil to someone else if you love.

    These truths are self evidence that love is the key to understanding who you are, what you are, why you are, where you are and how you are.

    If anything can be simpler to understand is that love makes the world go round a pun but true in it’s form. Without love nothing would exist. Once you understand what love is then you become love everything chances in your life and you are free.
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      There is a time for everything, a time to plant, a time to wait, a time to harvest. In this life there is a time and that time is your time. What you make of that time is really up to you. You can waste it away doing nothing of importants or you can be going about time learning. Not just learning but experiencing learning. Learning about everything on this matrix world but not just about this world but about the spiritual you and spiritual world you come from. Being the creation Father wanted you to be. Take the time to understand who you are, what you are and where you came from, from a spiritual point of view rather from a fleshly point. 

      We are in prison in this meat suit as some would say but really it is a cage that holds the essence of who you are. The soul as some would say is the spirit and that not be farther from the truth. The soul is what houses the spirit within it and that soul is really the chains that holds the spirit to this fleshly body. There are truths within truth, you just need to see deeper into the truth to see all the truth.

      When you think of time it is only in the flesh that time has meaning. Without time there would be no understanding who, what where, how you became trapped in this artificial world you live in. Time in spiritual realm does not exist but as ALL.

      Let me see if I can explain it! Outside this fleshly body everything happens at the same time and nothing is nothing. Here is what I mean let say that you are the ALL some would say GOD but the ALL is more then a word and there is no amount of words or thoughts that can explain who the ALL is or what ALL is all about. Anyways ALL stands outside time, space and nothingness, ALL sees, knows, understands, everything as it was ALL’s thoughts that cause everything to exist and is what is keeping what exists together is ALL’s thoughts. Back to time ALL is outside this and see everything that happens across all points of time as if ALL was looking down on the activities of the creation of ALL’s thoughts. There is nothing that ALL does not know because ALL created it.

      Think it as a dream or day dreaming as you are having and the thoughts you are having become thoughts within a thought and so on until it becomes a thought within itself. Yes this is hard to comprehend but all you need is to thinks about it and the answer will come to you as it did to me. Think not dream, thinking is about asking questions to yourself about what ever it on your mind or are questioning. 

      If you need some clarity the book As a Man Thinkist by James Allen will help you in your thought process. Take everything with a grain of salt but still be open to the new things and not take them as face value but question everything. This is the Beginning of learning.