What I am about to say is going to rub allot of people the wrong way and I don’t really care. Political correctness is out, being polite in telling the truth is in. When it comes to the truth, the truth is the truth. 

The situations that are taking place in the world from floodings, earthquakes, fires, mega storms, heat waves, starvation, meteor showers, wars, rumours of wars, the die off of animals and fish, gay marriages, the transgender movement, the attacks on Christian values, the tearing down of our societies, the murder of unborn babies, the far left neonazi views, ISIS, to the coming nuclear event, to the collapse of the world monetary system, to the mass murder of 10s of thousands of Fundamental and Evangelical Christians happening in the world today is the signs of the ends of days which is now upon us. This has all been planned in advance. 

Fundamental and Evangelical Christians should know that Christ has already return in fact he never left. He is in everyone of us. For Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and that the Father is in Christ and Christ is in the Father and so are they in you making you Christ a part of the body of Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven has come and is within you.

When the new world order government (the 4th Reich) comes in after the Meteor Astroid hits the Atlantic Ocean and the nuclear strike on the United States at the same time will destroy the United States which will bring in the collapse of the monetary system there will be chaos and massive death, the loss of life in the millions.

Everyone should be leaving the coastal cities and majors cities right now to avoid the super tsunami, the massive 20 magnitude earthquakes, the super volcanoes that will erupt, they should have emergency supplies to last them 3.5 years for their families. Best place to go is Canada, Alberta or BC, Northern Ontario and Quebec away from major cities. Shelters are being setup by Believers ahead of time in secret locations by Believers for the survivors and no these are not death camps. 

As Christians and followers of The Way we can not stop what is coming, we must prepare to help as many people and those who come to hear the truth to survive. Do not get a chip (RFID) implanted in either your hands or forehead. These nano chips (RFID) are already available to go and many are already taking the mark. The other mark is the mark of money. Remember the right hand and the forehead it is talking about money, your right hand takes money and your mind is always thinking about how to get money or want money.

Those who want to be saved there is only one way to be saved and that is to except that Christ is within you as your Lord and Saviour and that You and Christ are one, the Sons and Daugthers of God our Father and turn to Christ’s teachings in obedience . 

So many people in the world both the Catholic and Christian communities as well as other religions are saying there is another way to get to Heaven. Sorry there is only one way. The Bible which is God’s word mixed within the lies of the god of this world. He The Word Of God says those who worship and believe in other Gods like, Islam, Buddha, Bali Worshipers, New Age, the Unity Church, Kermit the Frog, witchcraft, satan worship, reincarnation, Fushsia, Christianity, money, the world system, scientism are just a few that I can name will perish under the judgement of Christ which you have inside you, so you judge yourselves for you have Christ in you and are the sons and daugthers of God the Father.

The talk of peace and living together under one religion, one government, one monetary system and also the hope that is placed in these aliens that are coming to earth to save us, is an out right lie for they are the fallen ones, the angels who disobeyed GOD. 

Death will come to the true followers of Christ, even to Fundamental, Evangelical Christians, Muslims and to the followers of the truth(The Way) will be an hinderance to their plans and the only way for their plans to work and happen is to kill every Christ follower, Evangelical, Fundamental Christians and Muslims.

It is going to be just like the French Revolution, The Communist Revolution and what the NAZI’s did but 1000 times worse. Interment and Extermination Camps, massive train cars for transporting the victims, roaming execution truck with guillotines are being setup as I type this to deal with problems in all the States and Canada as well as in the rest of the world to those who are not loyal to the new world order programs. 

There will be civil war, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Ohio, and other States will put up a fight of what is left of the United States.

If you are going to argue with me, why don’t you do some research and proof to yourself and to me that what I say is wrong. The proof is all on the web, not in the fake news outlets like CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CBC, Global News, CTV, newspapers, and many more fake news outlets thro they do say the truth mixed within a lie. The truth is discussed in great depth and in detail on YouTube, INFOWARS, and other alternative news sources telling you the truth. There is proof out there if you are willing to look for it. 

So that there will be no misunderstanding I am a follower of Christ, not Jesus or Yeshua or Isu but the Christ that is in you, and there is no other way to get to Heaven except through Christ who is in you by except him as Saviour, the son of God(the one with no name) and being obedient to his teachings. I am ready to die because I know were My spirit is going do you? Being said I will not fight or stop the murder or murders who will kill me. As Christ did not say a word or take action when He was lead away to be killed, so to will I say nothing, except you must believe in Christ and Father who is in you that you are the sons and daughters of the most high to be saved from what will befall the earth.

Time is short. Time to choose. Before the ends of days really start. This a call to people to repent and seek Christ inside you.

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