There is a time for everything, a time to plant, a time to wait, a time to harvest. In this life there is a time and that time is your time. What you make of that time is really up to you. You can waste it away doing nothing of importants or you can be going about time learning. Not just learning but experiencing learning. Learning about everything on this matrix world but not just about this world but about the spiritual you and spiritual world you come from. Being the creation Father wanted you to be. Take the time to understand who you are, what you are and where you came from, from a spiritual point of view rather from a fleshly point. 

We are in prison in this meat suit as some would say but really it is a cage that holds the essence of who you are. The soul as some would say is the spirit and that not be farther from the truth. The soul is what houses the spirit within it and that soul is really the chains that holds the spirit to this fleshly body. There are truths within truth, you just need to see deeper into the truth to see all the truth.

When you think of time it is only in the flesh that time has meaning. Without time there would be no understanding who, what where, how you became trapped in this artificial world you live in. Time in spiritual realm does not exist but as ALL.

Let me see if I can explain it! Outside this fleshly body everything happens at the same time and nothing is nothing. Here is what I mean let say that you are the ALL some would say GOD but the ALL is more then a word and there is no amount of words or thoughts that can explain who the ALL is or what ALL is all about. Anyways ALL stands outside time, space and nothingness, ALL sees, knows, understands, everything as it was ALL’s thoughts that cause everything to exist and is what is keeping what exists together is ALL’s thoughts. Back to time ALL is outside this and see everything that happens across all points of time as if ALL was looking down on the activities of the creation of ALL’s thoughts. There is nothing that ALL does not know because ALL created it.

Think it as a dream or day dreaming as you are having and the thoughts you are having become thoughts within a thought and so on until it becomes a thought within itself. Yes this is hard to comprehend but all you need is to thinks about it and the answer will come to you as it did to me. Think not dream, thinking is about asking questions to yourself about what ever it on your mind or are questioning. 

If you need some clarity the book As a Man Thinkist by James Allen will help you in your thought process. Take everything with a grain of salt but still be open to the new things and not take them as face value but question everything. This is the Beginning of learning.

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