The Spark

What can I say, the word of Christ is in me. I am compelled to speakout, so many are about to die without realizing that Christ is in them, that pain, anguish and sorrow well up with tears flowing from my heart up to Christ. I feel Him and know him and what is about to come upon the earth. So many friends, people I know are heading to destruction and they refuse to believe in Christ (who is in them), and to obey His teaching, it is if, they have been blinded, their ears plugged, and their minds filled with confusion that they can’t see, hear or comprehend the times we live in. They are distracted by everything that is in the world, from getting rich to sports events, selfies, Facebook, UTube, to Hollywood’s lies, movies and TV that changes their minds which programs them and their children minds not to think but to act without thinking. To be controlled like dumb sheep, like zombies and to conform to the teachings, to be lead off to be slaughter. Those who have ears to hear hear, eyes to see see, minds to think think, comprehend what is taking place in these last days as the terror unfolds. There is hope. That hope is Christ within you the son of The One Who Has No Name for all who call on Christ will find him inside you will be saved. Prepare for what is to come. just as He foretold would happen. Look inside yourself, your awakening draws near.

Categories Truth From A Lie

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