True none of us deserve what is happening to us. Yes specially those who follow Christ and His teachings. The mistakes we make in life can only be except as our short comings, failures to follow Christ because of our lack of faith, following the teachings and messages of Christ. We have to except these failures and troubles in our lives because we were responsible for them, we create these problems so we must except the responsibility and the outcome of them. We need to correct our mistakes and confess them to ourselves, forgive ourselves, ask forgiveness for doing our way not Christ way and seek forgiveness from Christ, ask Christ for direction and help in overcoming the problems we created. The One Who Has No Name gave us the power to create or destroy if we would allow Christ to direct our path and purpose in life by following Christ’s message and what Christ wants us to do in serving in the lost world.

I am a follower of Christ and it is a great honour to be a part of Christ and to be under attack even if it will lead to my death I gladly give my life up for Serve to my brothers and sisters.. Do not be sad or hurt by these events. It is what will happen, has to happen to those who believe in Christ and to walk the path Christ has set out for us. Does Christ care what is happening to us yes Christ does and will Christ do something about it, in Christ own timing Christ will for Christ know what is best for us even when we think we know what is best for ourselves. Trust that Christ has everything under control. I do. You should to. For Christ is in you, the kingdom of heaven is within you, The One Who Has No Name is Within you.

What is Christ ways, Christ teachings, Christ message and commandments. You only have to read and study Christ word in Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John to understand what Christ wants from us and is asking us to do. If we obey and follow Christ teaching and put them into action we will be blessed beyond our wildest dream. It come down to do we believe in what Christ is saying and if we believe will we be obedience to those teaching and become His Messengers.

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