The Time is Approaching

As we approach the time the more awake you become. You start seeing, hearing things and have no understanding why be still, and absorb the energy vibration letting it flow over you from head to your toes. You are being changed, the energy is preparing you for the new earth and to what is to come. Do not fear or the enemy will come to drain you of energy for it needs you to be afraid, to have negative energy to feed on. Be strong to the end know who you are a child of god the one who has no name, needs no name or title, but father abba for truly he/she is our father, mother the source of who we are for we are a part of them joined together as brothers and sister the body of believers walk hand in hand as one and the same the sovereign. Peace strength and most of all love my children be love show love reflect love walk in love for you are love as the father is love.

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