What can I say. Each and everyone is on their own journey and each person has their own truth as they see it. For each has the free will to choose. For me as with Christ I choose to be not on either side but in the middle watching until the calling begins then I will go forth as given by my Father to heal, to bring together. Is it to last for those to ascend into the new earth, are they to late to bring their frequency vibration up to the level of transformation as the loving Father would say yes and no it is never to late but there is a time when the transformation into the new earth will begin and those who have not chosen will be left behind in this 3rd Dimension to carry on in that existence with all the trouble it brings on itself. Those who are left behind will continue to reincarnate into that world until they come to the realization as to who they are and why they are there. Then they will more on after death. Those who ascend into the new earth will be blessed for time and half a time then they to will move on to a new learning experiences for without growing in knowledge leads to stagnation which leads to boredom then into forced exile to learn new experiences before returning to the source, to the one who has no name, the sovereign, the all, the creator of all.

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