Red Letters is the story of an individual that has travelled down a path that has been both wide and narrow. After many years of searching and crying out to the most high to show the truth from the lies in the world, it was granted to Truth Seeker to know the truth. What happen next is a story of loss, pain, anguish and sorrow. The pain, anguish and sorrow was learning that the world that Truth Seeker lived in was a total lie from the time of childhood to now. This was a shock that brought isolation, death, the pain, sorrow and specially the anguish that Truth Seeker was lied to and had been living a lie all this time. Realizing this, Truth Seeker set out to start from the beginning and unlearn all that was taught. Going right back to the creation of the world, the religions of the world and the total structure of the world system to learn about the lie that was placed within the truth. Since he was from an elite family by blue blood he started by ask questions like: Who am I, What am I, Where did I come from, How did I come to be, Why the lie, so in essence questioning everything. The journey started by search the Bible in Greek and Hebrew translations, old texts of ancient days like Ng Hammondi text, Sumerian tablets, the lost books of the Bible, the research of others and look at those on YouTube who have researched and searched for the truth. It has been 9 years and the truth is becoming clear what has happen over the millenniums thanks to many who searched for the truth. This site is about sharing the truth that will set you free from the bondage of this prison world. You will go through the same trials, the pain, the anguish and sorrow, even to the point of death, and isolation when awoken.

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